Research & Development

The Central Engineering Department (ZT) is located at the svt headquarters in Seevetal. The task is to promote technical developments taking into account ecological and economic aspects, obtain approval, and ensure consistent quality for our products. It is the starting point for internal and external technical support, it analyses deviations when using the approved systems, and assists with the speedy application for approvals in individual cases.

Unsere Forschung und Entwicklung
Unsere Forschung und Entwicklung
Unsere Forschung und Entwicklung
Unsere Forschung und Entwicklung


Development is the forerunner of inspiring and effective products and systems. The Central Engineering Department develops new products and systems which have to prove their capability in extensive fire tests. These are based on the problems and requirements of day-to-day practice, e.g. the widest possible application and ease of use.
The field of customer-specific developments in the industrial sector with a focus on aircraft and rail vehicles has been continuously expanded for many years. In this discipline, as well as widely differing fire prevention requirements, specific conditions such as the use of the product on inflammable substrates or extreme resistance to weathering also have to be fulfilled.


The Central Engineering Department applies for and supervises the approval of new products and systems and the management and updating of existing systems. In continuous dialogue with the technical personnel of svt Brandschutz subsidiaries, market requirements are implemented, pre-tested in internal fire tests, and subjected to standardised fire testing by renowned and accredited test laboratories. The results are reflected in the approval of new systems or in the enhancement of our penetration seal systems, some of which have been used successfully for 40 years.

Produktionsmaschinen in Seevetal
Produktionsmaschinen in Seevetal
Produktionsmaschinen in Seevetal


It goes without saying that we ensure that our products are of consistently high quality and comply with all safety at work and environmental protection regulations. The internal Quality Management system, a production facility which is monitored both inhouse and by third parties, and certification in accordance with SCCP and ISO 9001:2008 ensure and provide evidence of our high standard.

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Technical support

The Central Engineering Department provides comprehensive technical support which is oriented towards each individual situation. It supports our subsidiaries, our national and international partners, and develops professional, customised solutions for special building situations.

Application engineering

The Application Engineering Division organises practical training courses on how to use our products in compliance with the approvals and, in doing so, helps to ensure that the later construction phase runs smoothly.

Fire tests

As well as experiments for development purposes, our inhouse fire testing system is also used for carrying out specific fire tests. The results of these fire tests ensure economic solutions for even highly complex application situations, and can form the basis of special questions for expert evaluations or approvals in individual cases.
The furnace is also used as part of a collaborative venture by affiliated companies or companies with which we are acquainted for development projects in fire prevention.
Environmental pollution is kept as low as possible thanks to our flue gas scrubber in the exhaust air from the furnace, which represents the  latest state of the art.